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Making Studio: Collections of People

Collections of people

 ​Making Studio: Collections of People, Tate Early Years and Families © Rob Harris Photography 2020​

Create art together as a family inspired by Steve McQueen Year 3

Meet our friendly Learning Assistants in the Learning Gallery.

Join us for an immersive studio where we will explore photography and portraits together through cut-outs, collage and performance inspired by Steve McQueen Year 3.

The Making Studio is a free, drop in space for you to be creative with your family.

At busy times you will be asked to wait for space to be available.

Occasionally performances in the Making Studio can become loud and noisy. Ear defenders can be borrowed from the information desks. You can leave the Making Studio at any point, or as and when you need to.

Some activities are better suited to children aged 4 older, speak to the Learning Assistants to see what is possible on the day.

The Making Studio celebrates themes found in Steve McQueen Year 3.

Steve McQueen Year 3 is a massive group portrait of 76,000 of London's 7–8 year olds. Over 3,000 schools across London took part in the project. The exhibition is free to visit and you don't need to book a ticket. Find out more about the exhibition.

Devised in collaboration with artists Abigail Hunt and Ania Bas.

Man and child play in a family workshop at Tate

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Weekends and school holidays until 3 May 2020, 11.00 – 16.00

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