Welcome to Tate Britain

Scroll down to see what there is to do at Tate Britain for families. We have free family activities and events all year round. Explore the galleries and take a break in one of our cafés.

Entry to Tate Britain is free for everyone with a charge for special exhibitions, with under 12s getting into exhibitions for free.

Start where you like

You don’t have to see everything and there is no right order. Let your children take the lead. Time travel through art on the main floor, from golden portraits of kings and queens, to giant sculptures and art on the floor, walls and even the ceiling.

Photograph of a family event at Tate Britain

Photo: Alex Wojcik © Tate

Photograph of a family event at Tate Britain

Photo: Alex Wojcik © Tate

We are ready for you and your kids

Our cloakroom accepts buggies or you can take them around the gallery with you. You can breastfeed wherever you feel comfortable, ask a member of staff if you need more privacy. There are baby-changing facilities throughout the gallery, ask a member of staff for the nearest facilities. Complete your trip to the shop to pick up pocket money gifts.

Where to start


Let your kids lead. Find your way round Tate Britain and choose the route you want to take

What's on for families at Tate Britain

From regular daily and weekend activities to special events in the school holidays, find out what’s on for families

Walk through British Art

Walk through time and explore artworks from 1545 to the present day

Activity packs and trails

Pick up an activity sheet or welcome card at the information desks. Our activities have been specially designed to help your family to explore and enjoy the art and building of Tate Britain.

a family with a resource

Go on a sound journey

Get out your mobile device and check out our Sonic Trails.

Click play and go on a sound journey through the gallery. Experiment, slow down and explore with others.

Listen to the latest Sonic Trail in response to William Stott’s Le Passeur or 500 Years of Plants and Animals below.

Games to play in the gallery

Families in Tate Britain

Photo: Alex Wojcik © Tate

You don’t need to be an expert to look at or talk about art. Don’t feel you have to ‘get it’ to enjoy it – take whatever you like from a piece.

You and your family can try these activities in any of the galleries. Remember it's ok to talk at Tate! It's ok to make some noise!

Strike a pose

Get your child to secretly choose an artwork with a person in it. Once they have looked carefully at the pose, find a space in the room and encourage them to try to recreate the pose. The rest of the group can then try and spot the artwork the pose came from

Give us a clue

Encourage your child to find a portrait in the gallery that reminds them of someone in your group; someone famous; someone you all know (perhaps a neighbour or a friend). With the help of clues, the rest of the group can guess the chosen person

Photograph of a family activity at Tate Britain

Photo: Alex Wojcik © Tate

See it from their perspective

Get down to your child’s height and see what they see. The change in eye-level might make you think and feel differently

Get creative

Pick up a pencil and draw, doodle or dream within the gallery. We provide the easel, pencil and paper. You just need to bring your imagination. Available daily in the 1840 display

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery.

More for families

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