Turner Prize 2014 artists: Ciara Phillips

Ciara Phillips has been nominated for her solo exhibition at The Showroom, London.

Phillips works with all kinds of prints: from screenprints and textiles to photos and wall paintings. She often works collaboratively, transforming the gallery into a workshop and involving other artists, designers and local community groups. Phillips has taken inspiration from Corita Kent (1918–1986), a pioneering artist, educator and activist who reinterpreted the advertising slogans and imagery of 1960s consumer culture.

For the exhibition that won her the nomination she turned London’s The Showroom gallery into a print workshop, inviting designers, artists and local women’s groups to come and make prints with her. Born in Canada in 1976, she now lives in Glasgow.

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TateShots: Turner Prize 2014, Ciara Phillips

Phillips is a brilliant print maker who imbues the medium with a freshness that is remarkable, in posters, prints and textiles.
Moira Jeffrey, The Scotsman