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Mikhail Karikis: Ferocious Love

A still from Ferocious Love, a film by artist Mikhail Karikis

Mikhail Karikis Ferocious Love 2020 © Mikhail Karikis

Will environmental catastrophe bring us together or tear us apart?

Ferocious Love 2020 is a new audio-visual installation from Mikhail Karikis, made in collaboration with students and activists. Inspired by young people’s environmental activism, and referencing the feminist music thinker and performer Pauline Oliveros and the writings of Naomi Klein, this installation focuses on emotional responses and the need for mutual care in the face of the climate crisis.

Karikis and his collaborators imagine a possible future where the climate has drastically changed and seasons have become unrecognisable. The Liverpool Socialist Singers have recorded a new sound composition of weather-like effects, interpreting the noises of wildfires, flooding and other extreme weather. Alongside this, a video installation created with students from Birmingham City University reflects on the potential for calamity to bring communities together.

Artists Joanna Fursman and Sophie Hedderwick, both PhD students at Birmingham City University, have made new works in response to Ferocious Love. Explore listening and listening by Joanna Fursman and watch Sophie Hedderwick's the turning world.

This exhibition is part of Tate Liverpool’s annual We Have Your Art Gallery project, with Birmingham City University acting as this year’s commissioning partner.

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27 July – 22 November 2020

Sponsored by

Birmingham City University

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