The sound of Weimar Germany

Be transported back in time to the scene of Portraying a Nation through this Weimar Republic playlist

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933 showcases a pair of artists whose work reflected the financial, social and political uncertainty of Germany’s inter-war years. Together, ARTIST ROOMS: August Sander and Otto Dix: The Evil Eye capture the spirit and tumult of the period. The Weimar Republic, home to many great artists, thinkers and writers, saw musicians experimenting in new styles too. Composers were looking to modern forms of arrangement to accompany, among other things, the thriving cabaret scene. This music became extremely fashionable and our playlist brings together a selection of albums by some of the most popular names of the era, such as Siegfried Arno, Paul O’Montis and Max Hansen, among others.

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933 is on at Tate Liverpool 23 June – 15 October 2017