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We Are Invisible We are Visible Are You Comfortable Yet?

A headshot of a person in a red swimming cap and goggle, standing against a white tiled wall.

Anahita Harding Are You Comfortable Yet? 2022 © Anahita Harding

British Iranian artist and wheelchair user Anahita Harding considers the legacy of the London 2012 Paralympics Games in this performance

The media campaign surrounding the games aimed to shift negative attitudes towards disability. Despite ongoing efforts to destigmatise disability, many disabled people continue to experience hostility and discomfort in public settings.

Harding’s performance Are You Comfortable Yet? encourages visitors to reflect on their relationship to bodily difference. She says, ‘My work positions the disabled body to make it visible, where often it is erased, or made more palatable for a non-disabled audience. The more we normalise seeing disabled bodies, the less we will need to have these conversations.’

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

2 July 2022 at 10.00–18.00

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