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After the square: performance workshop with Mehmet Sander

Mehmet Sander Single Space 1994

A two day workshop with choreographer and action-architect Mehmet Sander. 

Sander’s work proposes new relationships between body, space, and architecture. Using geometric forms, the body works at angles of 45, 90, and 180, pushing our perceptions of gravity, speed and physical endurance. Sander’s performances draw influence from Malevich’s works, particularly his radical painting The Black Square; a gesture that was a call to erase all iconography, symbolism, and representation that came before, creating a blank slate from which a revolutionary culture could arise.

This workshop explores dance as a premise to refuse comfort, emotion and music in favour of collision, maximum velocity and gravity as enhancements of – rather than inhibitions to – performance. Sander leads participants through a series of exercises and choreographies that challenge us physically, mentally and intellectually. Beginning with simple tasks and working in trust circles, participants develop the confidence and skills to physically respond to Sander’s call to make the floor disappear, dance on the wall, and even fly. The resulting moves are choreographed by Sander into a final piece.

No prior experience or skills are required, although please note that the workshop involves a high level of physical participation.

Watch Sander’s work Single Space, which pays homage to Malevich’s The Black Square.

Tate Modern

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20 September 2014 at 11.00–16.00

21 September 2014 at 11.00–16.00

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