Tate Modern Course

de-mystifying Artist book making course

Ellen Gallagher, ‘Bird in Hand’ 2006
Ellen Gallagher, Bird in Hand 2006. Tate. © Ellen Gallagher

This practical six-week course takes inspiration from Ellen Gallagher's exhibition at Tate Modern as well as other works in Tate's permanent collection and invites you to immerse yourself in a unique cosmos of mythical and real constellations and narratives.

Over the course you will create a bespoke artist book exploring some of the processes of transformation through a wide range of techniques including collage, paper engineering, mixed media, mark-making, layering and other practical approaches. Your finished book will be a visual and personal record of your creative process. This is a unique opportunity for you to explore your own personal myths and histories by drawing on a wide range of sources including literature, natural history, music, science fiction and found materials.

No technical knowledge required, all levels of ability welcome. Materials provided.

Led by Sarah Sparkes

Week one

Monday 10 June, 18.45–20.45
Introduction to the course, Clore Studio, Level 0
Gallery visit and talk, course participants will have exclusive access to the Ellen Gallagher: AxME exhibition
Course participants go back to the Clore studio, Level 0 to experiment with a paper scrimshaw practical activity

Week two

Monday 17 June, 18.45–20.45 Clore Studio, Level 0
Course participants will try collage and mixed media techniques.
You will also look at how other contemporary artists have explored narratives and develop visual language in their work.

Week three

Monday 24 June, 18.45–20.45
Course participants will experiment with cutting, scrimshaw and relief techniques
Visit to the Tate collection and opportunity to visit Ellen Gallagher: AxME exhibition again to sketch and document specific works of interest

Week four

Monday 1 July, 18.45 – 20.45
Course participants will use paper folding and paper engineering techniques; as well as mixed media with ink and cutouts
You will explore ideas for developing your own artist book and look at sequences.

Week five

Monday 8 July, 18.45–20.45
Course participants will have the opportunity to visit Ellen Gallagher: AxME exhibition and work on the construction of your artist book

Week six

Monday 15 July, 18.45–20.45
You will make the final touches to your artists book

During this final session you will display the works you have produced during the course in a mini exhibition and have the opportunity to invite your friends and family.
Note: you will be given a sketch book to bring in each week in which you can explore and develop processes and ideas. You will use ideas developed in the sketch book to create your own artist book. You will be invited to bring in various contextual materials, such as collage material each week.

Tate Modern

Clore Hub

London SE1 9TG
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Every Monday at 18.45–20.45 and 18.45–20.45 and 18.45–20.45 and 18.45–20.45 and 18.45–20.45 and 18.45–20.45

10 June – 15 July 2013

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