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Workshop: The House Full of Stuff

Illustration by Emily Rand

Join author and illustrator Emily Rand for a make and do workshop inspired by her new book

Mr McDuff lives in a house full of stuff. He loves collecting things but his neighbours call it junk. Everyone but Mo, that is. Together, Mo and Mr McDuff are able to shine a light on the importance of upcycling and having fun.

Create an invention such as a motor for slow tortoise, an automatic nose wiper, a tail wagger for lazy dogs, a mouse trampoline or a kite for a guinea pig at Emily’s ‘Discarded Objects Make Session’. Take inspiration from The House Full of Stuff and make a collage with images of junk objects.

This event is aimed at 3+ year olds and their families, but families of all ages are welcome.

The House Full of Stuff is a Tate published title.


Emily Rand is an illustrator and creator of picture books inspired by her surroundings and that celebrate the tiny details and beauty of everyday life. Emily has a background working in arts education and has worked in schools and galleries and leading art workshops with children and young people. She was recently one of ten illustrators selected to take part in the British Council’s Drawing Words exhibition curated by Lauren Child.

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Date & Time

13 October 2019 at 14.30–15.30