Tate Modern Performance

John Costi: 2-2's London Bus

John Costi invites you to board the 2-2’s London Bus. Along the route you will see through the artist’s eyes, meet them and contribute to two further pieces, one which will be performed at the end of the event and one that will be available for download as your personal souvenir of the day. This immersive environment is all about exchange, experience and everybody’s unique version of London. 




Discover John Costi's spoken word skills in this high-energy and playful performance.


John Costi is a 2013 graduate of Central Saint Martin’s where he was awarded a first class honors degree in fine art. After a spiritual awakening during a 6-year prison sentence Costi sought to make sense of the world around him through art. Working mostly in performance, sculpture and installation, Costi’s practice is informed by chance and experience. Always within the social sphere the work is often ephemeral, living on through documentation. In 2013 The Evening Standard noted Costi as ‘Tipped for Stardom’, Dazed and Confused nominated him for the ‘Spirit of Toughness’ Award, he was selected for the Catlin Art Guide and later published in The Huffington Post. Recent shows: Johnny’s Trash Money, Light Eye Mind. My Darling Johnny, G-Shock Sessions at G-Shock East,  New Terms: The Human Library, ICA. Some Unchartered Event, Science Gallery with Resonance FM, A Fete Worse Than Death with Red Gallery, Auto Biography and Animism: An Audience with Johnny Costi at The Copeland Space Pleasure Paradox at MK Gallery and Johnny’s Pic’N’Mix with Whoa Now Gallery, Copenhagen.


Tate Modern

Turbine Hall

London SE1 9TG
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Date & Time

25 July 2015 at 12.30–21.30