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Rachael Young: Crowns of Confidence

Crowns of Confidence

Crowns of Confidence

Crowns of Confidence is a participatory performative workshop, taking place in a hair salon. Instead of the usual stock styling photos covering the walls, this salon is more interested in promoting difference and non-conformities, the unusual and the avant-garde!

Conversations and audio installations take place around the salon. Visitors will be invited to re-imagine their identity through hairdressing; designing new styles and putting them to the test in a playful exploration of alter ego and the self. Throughout the day visitors will be invited to contribute to an ever evolving declaration of love for their hair, celebrating their follicles in all their glory.


Rachael Young creates contemporary theatre, live art installations and participatory interventions. Playfully experimental and often autobiographical, her work seeks to represent voices that are often unheard in the arts, engaging with audiences to explore a collective voice. Having been Co-Artistic Director of First Floor Theatre from 2011-14, Rachael now creates solo work. Her most recent performance; The Way I Wear My Hair was commissioned by Serendipity (Leicester) and supported by Arts Council England. It toured the UK throughout 2014. Rachael is currently a BBC Performing Arts Fellow and a Curve Breakthrough Artist. Her new performance; I, Myself and Me is currently in development and will premier in September 2015 at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham.


Tate Modern

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25 July 2015 at 12.30–21.30