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On Rebecca Horn with Hayden Chisholm followed by Glowing Core premiere

​Rebecca Horn, The Feathered Prison Fan, 1978

Rebecca Horn Still from Glowing Core 2016

Join us for discussion about Rebecca Horn's career, launching the first comprehensive retrospective of her pioneering films, Rebecca Horn: Films, 1970–2016 at Tate Modern. The evening includes a presentation and in conversation with Hayden Chisholm who has collaborated with Rebecca Horn on several of her films and installations. 

Please note that following medical advice, Rebecca Horn regrets not to be able to come to London and take part in the public event on 6 May 2016 as originally planned.


Hayden Chisholm is a saxophonist and composer from New Zealand. After studying in Cologne with a DAAD scholarship he continued his music studies in Japan and India. He has created music for several Rebecca Horn installations and projects, including Light Imprisoned in the Belly of the Whale (Paris, 2002), Spiriti di Madreperla (Naples, 2002), Moon Mirror (Mallorca, 2003), The Universe in a Pearl (Berlin, 2006), Fata Morgana (Venice, 2009) and Glowing Core (la Llotja, 2015). He also composed the scores for her films Moon Mirror Journey (2011) and Glowing Core (2016), and was assistant director with Horn for Salvatore Sciarrino’s opera Luci mie Traditrici at the Salzburger Festspiele, 2008. In 2013 he released the 13 Box Set 13 Views of the Heart's Cargo and received the German SWR Jazz Prize. In 2015 he was "Improvisor in Residence" in Moers and opened the Moers Jazz Festival. In 2016 he released his second 13CD box Cusp of Oblivion on the Moontower Foundation Edition and directed his first short film Sisyphus Runs


18.30–19.45 Discussion about Rebecca Horn’s work including contributions from Hayden Chisholm and Tate curators Achim Borchardt-Hume, Andrea Lissoni and Valentina Ravaglia
20.00–21.30 Premiere of Horn’s new film Glowing Core (93 mins)

Glowing Core

Germany 2016, digital, colour, sound, 94 min

Horn’s latest film begins in la Llotja, Palma de Mallorca’s former exchange building, which in 2015 housed Horn’s site-specific installation Glowing Core. Large circular mirrors form an endless tower within the fifteenth century gothic vaults, accompanied by a constellation of mechanical sculptures featuring lenses and skulls, as well as music for voice and saxophone composed especially for the installation by Hayden Chisholm. Horn traces the origins of this work back to Naples, where she first used skulls (or ‘capuzzelle’) in her work Spiriti di Madreperla (2002). Naples was also the setting of the tragic story behind Salvatore Sciarrino’s contemporary opera Luci mie Traditrici (1996), loosely based on the murder by the composer Carlo Gesualdo of his wife and her lover in 1590. Horn directed and designed set and costumes for a unique staging of the opera at the Salzburg Festival in 2008, which is shown in the film in its entirety, before the narrative circles back to la Llotja for a grand finale. Punctuated by Horn’s own poetic writings, Glowing Core offers insight into her creative process and stands as a demonstration of her versatility as an artist.

A project by the Moontower Foundation
Editing and post-production: Oliver Gieth
Music: Hayden Chisholm, Salvatore Sciarrino
Libretto for Sciarrino’s opera Luci mie Traditrici 1996 based on the play Il tradimento per l’onore by Giacinto Andrea Cicognini (1664), with an elegy by Claude le Jeune (1608)

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6 May 2016 at 18.30–21.30

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