Tate Modern Course

Photography: Rankin

© Rankin Photography

Take part in workshops with renowned fashion photographer Rankin to experience what it’s like to be on the set of a photo-shoot. The workshops will respond to the work of Ellen Gallagher. Develop your portrait into a work of art as part of the ‘Destroy’ project.

Part of a series of workshops taking place during Hyperlink. Continuing the theme of ‘six degrees of separation’, invited artists and collectives will respond to six selected artists from the Tate collection: Ellen Gallagher, John Singleton Copley, Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein, Rebecca Horn and Anthony Caro.

Tate Modern

Clore Hub

London SE1 9TG
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27 April 2013 at 12.00–14.00

27 April 2013 at 15.00–17.00

27 April 2013 at 17.30–19.00

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