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Joan Jonas: Mystic Knots

photograph of Joan Jonas facing the camera painting a red face onto a clear screen

​Joan Jonas Double Lunar Dogs 1984, video still. Courtesy the artist and Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York

See five decades of the artist's inventive films and videos in this weekend retrospective

Since the late 1960s, Joan Jonas's work in film and video has proposed a highly original combination of performance and astute investigations of the media with which she works. Incorporating drawing, performative props and multiple frames and layers, her works explore a range of spatial, perceptual and technological phenomena in a way that is both playful and illuminating.

This four-screening series cuts across Jonas’s body of work to draw out key themes and techniques. The programme includes Jonas's two film collaborations with artist Richard Serra, as well as the works of filmmakers who have been influential to her practice: Jean Vigo, Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith and Maya Deren.

Each screening is introduced by Joan Jonas, and the series concludes with a discussion and Q&A with the artist.

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2–3 June 2018

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Mystic Knots films

  • Tate Modern

    Joan Jonas: Plein Air

    2 Jun 2018

    Explore a range of Jonas’s works engaging with outdoor landscapes

  • Tate Modern

    Joan Jonas: Veils

    2 Jun 2018

    See the artist's early experiments with video technology

  • Tate Modern

    Joan Jonas: Drawing

    3 Jun 2018

    Discover four inventive uses of drawing in the artist’s videos

  • Tate Modern

    Joan Jonas: Puzzles

    3 Jun 2018

    Engage with Jonas’s playful games with space, time and logic

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