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Muster Station, the School of Beginnings With Whitstable Biennale

Muster Station/You’ll see this time it’ll be different: Chodzko; courtesy Benaki Museum Athens

Adam Chodzko Muster Station/You’ll see this time it’ll be different Courtesy Benaki Museum Athens

Join Muster Station at Tate Exchange for a varied programme of workshops, interactions and interventions responding to the theme of production

Artists taking part in School of Beginnings have created new work, imagining a future in which Tate Modern has become a data storage centre.

Drop in and join our events taking place throughout the weekend:

  • A data conservator will interpret the code of Tate's website through a translation of digital coding into musical notation
  • The Gov.UK art-collection will be dissected and performed in sung and spoken live-burst performances.
  • Discover Beyond Art Lectures – a 'cultural telemarketing' project with artists from Latin America, that promotes the idea of outsourcing art lectures by taking advantage of unfair labour conditions
  • Join the factory line in the continuous over production of boxes, and leave marks on a collaborative drawing möbius strip.
  • Take part in a Muster Drill, a mix of yoga and semaphore signals to an invisible audience on the Thames, exploring care and communion.
  • Watch a live action role play accompanied by musicians performing their interpretation of symbol-based graphic scores responding to artworks in the permanent collection.
  • To close the day on Saturday night, there will be a one off performance of Shears For Tears, unrestrained screamers, mixed into an audio scape, orchestrated by a video-chromatic score.

Event programme

On display throughout the day:

Tally counter – Nimisha Dhingra's interactive work collecting audience figures that pass through on the weekend.
Beyond Art Lectures – Jose Fernandez Levy's film is a series of outsourced lectures by Latin American artists
One day’s work/wear worn through – Modified used protective work clothing to be worn for the School of Beginnings

Activities Saturday and Sunday:

1pm – 2pm: Factory line box construction and deconstruction with Alex Aldham.
1.30pm: A Ten Minute Talk by Andrew Gallacher at Marcel Duchamp's Fountain.
2pm – 5pm: Collaborative drawing möbius strip with carbon paper led by Moyra Derby.
4pm – 5pm: Muster Drill – take part in a yoga / semaphore activity with Fiona Townend.
4pm – 5pm: Factory line box construction and deconstruction with Alex Aldham.

Performances intermittently throughout the day:

Olu Taiwo dismantles and reassembles VCR tapes.
Data for Data's Sake – Andrew Gallacher sings / reads code from Gov.UK art-collection.
Data conservator Megan Boyle's musical bursts interpreting code from Tate's website set into a musical score.

Scheduled performances:

Saturday and Sunday, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm: Adam James & Claire Orme (larp & symbol scores). Meet in the Tate Exchange space on Level 5 and then exploring the galleries at Tate Modern. TBC

Sunday, 6pm: Shears For Tears – a remixed scream performance by Jose Sanchez Rivas.

Muster Station artists participating in The School of Beginnings:

Andrew Gallacher, Alex Aldham, Nimisha Dhingra, Jose Fernandez Levy, José Macabra , Adam James, Fiona Townend, Claire Orme, Moyra Derby, Megan Boyle, Olu Taiwo, Betzabe Garcia, Emilio Bianchic, Chantal Peñalosa, Cecilia Barreto, Begoña Morales, Andrew Roberts, Pablo Tut

School of Beginnings is supported by The University of Kent School of Music and Fine Art.

This event is programmed by Whitstable Biennale, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Whitstable Biennale

Whitstable Biennale is a festival of contemporary visual art taking place every two years, with an extensive year-round programme, based on the Kent coast.

Muster Station is an evolving group of artists that emerged as a direct consequence of the closure of their art school. Whitstable Biennale is a Founding Associate of Tate Exchange and Muster Station is our second Tate Exchange project, taking place alongside Spike Island‘s Creative Exchange. Muster Station will also be at Whitstable Biennale in June 2018, dates and details to follow soon.

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3 February 2018 at 12.00–18.00

3 February 2018 at 18.00–20.00

4 February 2018 at 12.00–18.00

Following on from the day session on Saturday 3 February, there will be an end of day performance from 6pm until 8pm

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