Tate Modern Workshop

No Working Title With Bath Spa University and Kingston University

What happens when art is made in response to instructions from a stranger? Join us to see the results, and step in to a series of open group discussions

During recent months, 40 students from four UK art schools have devised and exchanged instructions for making artworks. On receiving these instructions from a partner they have never met, each student has followed the specifics of their partner’s request to make the work.

Fine Art students from Bath Spa University, Bath School of Art and Design; the School of Art & Architecture, Kingston University; Norwich University of the Arts and Winchester School of Art, have contributed to this creative experiment.

This Tate Exchange event invites you to join the end of this creative process, when partners meet for the first time, reveal the work they have made and engage in critical debate. The event is led by artists and academics including Tate Curator Ann Coxon, who will discuss the role of the instruction in art and its influence on making, curating, thinking and teaching. David Gauntlett, author of Making is Connecting, will be responding to the day’s events and exchanges.

Step in to a series of open group discussions, a curator’s talk and a celebration of the work made through this process.

This event is programmed by Bath Spa University, Bath School of Art and Design and the School of Art & Architecture, Kingston University, Tate Exchange Associates.

This video is created from a presentation given at the conference: The Hidden Curriculum, NAFAE Annual Symposium for Fine Art Educators, January 2016.

About No Working Title

No Working Title is developed by artists / senior lecturers Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd and is supported by Bath Spa University, Bath School of Art and Design and the School of Art & Architecture, Kingston University. Addison & Kidd is a collaborative practice that explores the dialogic relationships between making and learning.

Tate Modern

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27 January 2017 at 12.00–21.30

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