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Apples and Snakes at Tate: Jacob Sam-La Rose

Join poet Jacob Sam-La Rose in a reading from Breaking Silence, an exploration of manhood and identity

Jacob Sam-La Rose's collection explores themes of masculinity, and its intersection with race, dual heritage and identity. This collection is invested in the power of the voice and giving a voice to issues that would otherwise remain silent. It speaks on divides, from the spaces in between. This is Sam-La Rose’s first full length collection and was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Poetry Collection and the Aldeburgh First Collection.


Jacob Sam-La Rose's collections include Communion and Breaking Silence. Dominant themes in his work include Black-British/African-Caribbean culture, ritual and tradition, faith, mythology and hybridity.

He has facilitated workshops in schools and institutions around the world and is responsible for the Barbican Young Poets programme and other poetry initiatives.

Tate Modern

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Date & Time

28 September 2018 at 19.00–20.00

Event is part of the September Uniqlo Tate Late