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Propositions for change With Plymouth College of Art

Tate Exchange: Factory Settings © Plymouth College of Art

Tate Exchange: Factory Settings © Plymouth College of Art

Explore the issues that affect us all and create your proposition for change in the world

What change do you want to see in the world and who do you need to have a conversation with to make it happen? What’s your proposition? Issues around social justice, health, education and the environment affect us all. Visit Tate Exchange to create your proposition for change in the world. Test your attitudes and preconceptions, participate in three-way dialogues with artists, non-profit organisations, campaigners and activists, and solve complex problems together.

Power separates people from what they can do. What shall we do? Students from Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts’ continuum of creative education, from early years to MA-level and professional practice, will present a four-day programme of events to crowd-source plans and effect positive change in our communities. Invited speakers and guests will include respected political activists, policy-makers, researchers and historians in varied fields including social justice, inclusivity, animal rights, environmentalism and the arts, in addition to representatives from Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs partners across the UK, France and Spain. Each day will take its theme from propositions created by members across the creative continuum, covering the fields of: borders & migration, creative education, gender & identity, and voices of activism.

This four-day programme of events is FREE and accessible for all ages and abilities. Students from across the continuum of creative education will be on hand to welcome you to the space and help you to connect with the people who can benefit from your knowledge and opinions as much as you can from theirs. Create your proposition for change, answer the questions that matter and build plans for a better future. Who do you need to have a conversation with?

About Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts

Plymouth College of Art is a specialist independent Higher Education Institution (HEI) run by artists for artists. Founded in 1856, the college, which is a Founding Associate of Tate Exchange, offers a range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Pre-Degree study across Art, Design and Digital Media – combining over 160 years of history with up-to-the-minute thinking and cutting-edge facilities. In 2013 the college founded the city-centre all-through free school for 3 to 16-year-olds, Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Together the school and college have established a radical and progressive continuum of creative learning and practice in the region that extends from early years to Masters level study.

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12–15 March 2019

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