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Making Learning Symposium 2019 Dialogues on creative education and social justice

Plymouth College of Art

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Explore the link between creative education and social justice in this collaborative symposium

Running alongside and as part of Propositions for Change, the second biennial Making Learning symposium focuses on the twin themes of creative education and social justice.

Plymouth College of Art believes that high-quality education for life in creative practice is the catalyst for personal, professional and cultural transformation. The 2019 Making Learning symposium will run as a day of dialogues, exploring propositions by recognised figures as well as voices that often go unheard in the fields of art, creative education and social justice. This inclusive, call and response symposium is open to academics, artists, politicians, educators, changemakers and activists. Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth School of Creative Arts and invited guests will instigate a series of lightning-talks, pitches and debates putting forward propositions related to the themes of creative education and social justice.

The symposium will open with the proposition to explore pedagogical opportunities of risk in art education at a time when art and education are themselves under threat. Policy agendas at all levels are marginalising the arts. At the same time, social and economic factors place unprecedented strain on the institutional fabric of education.

Invited guests and speakers will include Áine O’Brien, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Counterpoints Arts, London, a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change, and Principal of Plymouth College of Art, Professor Andrew Brewerton, a Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Advisory Board member of the Shanghai International Art City Research Institute.

To share a ten minute proposition about education in relation to creativity, learning, emancipation, democracy and societal/cultural transformation, submit to
makinglearning@pca.ac.uk a brief outline of your proposition (max 200 words) and whether you aim to present it in the form of a spoken presentation or other (practical, participatory or expressive) means. The deadline for propositions is 14 February 2019. There will also be opportunities to make a two minute open-platform proposition on the day.

Join us for the whole day or just a part of it. We’ll release a programme of topics and dialogues for the symposium on our digital platforms ahead of the event. Join the conversation using the #MakingLearning hashtag.

About Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth School of Creative Arts

Plymouth College of Art is a specialist independent Higher Education Institution (HEI) run by artists for artists. Founded in 1856, the college, which is a Founding Associate of Tate Exchange, offers a range of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Pre-Degree study across Art, Design and Digital Media – combining over 160 years of history with up-to-the-minute thinking and cutting-edge facilities. In 2013 the college founded the city-centre all-through free school for 3 to 16-year-olds, Plymouth School of Creative Arts. Together the school and college have established a radical and progressive continuum of creative learning and practice in the region that extends from early years to Masters level study.

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15 March 2019 at 12.00–17.30