Tate Modern Exhibition

Robert Rauschenberg

Collage with image of President John Kennedy

Robert Rauschenberg Retroactive II 1964, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago)

Discover the artist who changed American art forever

‘Six sensational decades of work finally reveal the man in full’
The Guardian

‘Robert Rauschenberg is America’s Leonardo – ceaselessly inventive, a mind in perpetual revolution. That is the revelation of this exhilarating show’
The Observer

‘Rauschenberg isn’t just important, he’s essential, and in many ways, he really was modern art’ 
Time Out 

Robert Rauschenberg blazed a new trail for art in the second half of the twentieth century.

This landmark exhibition celebrates his extraordinary six-decade career, taking you on a dazzling adventure through modern art in the company of a truly remarkable artist.

From paintings including flashing lights to a stuffed angora goat, Rauschenberg’s appetite for incorporating things he found in the streets of New York knew no limits. Pop art silkscreen paintings of Kennedy sit alongside 1000 gallons of bentonite mud bubbling to its own rhythm. Rauschenberg even made a drawing which was sent to the moon.

Each room captures a different moment of this rich journey, from Rauschenberg’s early response to abstract expressionism to his final works saturated in images and colour. Seen together they show how Rauschenberg rethought the possibilities for art in our time.

This exhibition, organised in collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, is the first full-scale retrospective since the artist’s death in 2008 and the ultimate Rauschenberg experience. It is your one chance to see these major international loans together in one place, while discovering the full story of an inspirational and much-loved artist whose influence is still felt today.

Exhibition organised by Tate Modern and The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Hear the experts explain how Robert Rauschenberg blazed a new trail for art in the second half of the twentieth century

Tate Modern

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1 December 2016 – 2 April 2017

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The Guardian

Six sensational decades of work finally reveal the man in full

The Guardian

Organised with MoMA, in New York, the big winter show at Tate Modern will thrust us brusquely into the textures of Modern America

The Sunday Times
The Telegraph

The show will demonstrate not just the range of Rauschenberg’s practice, but also his consistency as an artist

The Economist
The Times

The highlight of the Autumn season at Tate Modern

Huffington Post
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