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Set and Reset / Reset with Candoco Dance Company

4 dancers are on an all-black stage. They wear loose-fitting sheer grey clothes. The 2 female dancers in front are side-on and crouched down, bending at the knee and upper bodies tilted forward. The front-most dancer holds 2 crutches.

Candoco Dance Company, Set and Reset/Reset. Photography by Camilla Greenwell, 2021. Courtesy Candoco Dance Company

See Candoco Dance Company’s version of Set and Reset based on the principles devised by Trisha Brown

Set and Reset/Reset is a reconstruction of Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset by Candoco Dance Company. The dancers move with dream-like fluidity to Laurie Anderson’s driving score in their version of Brown’s choreography.

In 2011, Abigail Yager, a former member of the Trisha Brown Dance Company, used Brown’s set of instructions to devise this new version of Set and Reset. She describes it as examining:

the shifting nature of choreography in relation to underlying structures that anchor a dance to itself. The process of re-construction (as opposed to replication) is a negotiation between freedom and limit – an exploration of possibility as the dancers create a new version of Trisha Brown's landmark choreography.

Through this process, Set and Reset/Reset becomes a significant example of an artist creating a living legacy for their work, allowing for new creative input. The work is an iteration of Brown’s choreographic brilliance, in conversation with the impulses and instincts of the dancers performing for this production.

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Twice daily from 19 – 21 March 2022

This performance is in the display Set and Reset by Trisha Brown.

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