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The Ritual Turn from Tarot to Tantra

sculptural artwork

Courtesy of Candida Powell-Williams

Join Nisha Ramayya, Candida Powell-Williams and Sarah Shin to explore ritual practices

What is driving the ritual turn in today’s poetry and art? From tarot, spells and tantra - and their relationships to today. With readings and images, the speakers will consider how mystical ideas find form in poetry and sculpture. Using the Ignota Diary, the speakers will discuss how to become more creative and focused in 2020.

Nisha and Candida are contributors to the Ignota Diary 2020. The diary is a tool for everyday life, with seasonal rituals, tarot spreads and astrology charts.

This event is in collaboration with Ignota Books.


Candida Powell-Williams

Candida Powell-Williams was recently Artist in Residence at The Warburg Institute London. Her latest solo exhibition The Gates of Apophenia, at Bosse & Baum stems from a research residency at the Warburg Institute London exploring the cultural heritage of tarot.

Nisha Ramayya

Nisha Ramayya is a poet and Lecturer in Creative Writing at Queen Mary University of London. Her debut book States of the Body Produced by Love is a modern mystical journey through love.

Sarah Shin

Sarah Shin is a publisher, curator and writer. She is the founder of New Suns, a curation and storytelling project, and co-founder and director of Ignota Books and Silver Press.

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Date & Time

23 January 2020 at 19.00–20.00