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Open House: You are Here With Kettle's Yard

Artist Isabella Martin with her project You Are Here

Isabella Martin You Are Here 2016. Photo © Catarina Rodrigues

Join artist Isabella Martin for a practical workshop exploring creativity, community and collaboration

Drop in to Tate Exchange and have a creative conversation with Isabella Martin, Kettle’s Yard’s Open House Artist in Residence for North Cambridge in 2016.

Martin investigates people’s relationships to the world around them through language, conversation and collaboration. Explore Martin’s project You are Here, a programme she has developed with residents of North Cambridge to create a new map of the area.

Open House is a creative collaboration between Cambridge’s modern and contemporary art gallery Kettle’s Yard and its neighbouring communities in North Cambridge.

This event is programmed by Kettle’s Yard, a Tate Exchange Associate.

Hilary Cox Condon with Isabella Martin, You Are Here at Orchard Park Fiesta 2016. Photo © Karen Thomas

Isabella Martin, You Are Here 2016. Photo © Catarina Rodrigues

Isabella Martin, You Are Here at Chesterton Camera Club 2016. Photo © Liz Ballard

Willow Mitchell with Isabella Martin, You Are Here at Kings Hedges Bears Picnic 2016. Photo © Karen Thomas

Isabella Martin, You Are Here at Arbury Carnival 2016. Photo © Liz Ballard

About Kettle’s Yard

Part of the University of Cambridge, Kettle’s Yard is a beautiful house with a remarkable collection of modern art and a gallery that hosts modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

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6 March 2017 at 12.00–16.00

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