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Producing Production A Place of Shared Labour

Courtesy of the artist, Clare Twomey


Explore everyday ideas of production and labour through sewing, banner making and conversation

PRODUCING PRODUCTION in the Tate Exchange will draw us into a conversation about how we connect to our everyday ideas of production, labour, value and exchange. The shared making of 12 large fabric banners will transform the space into a place for dialogues around our ideas of Production.

The hung fabric banners hold words collectively drawn from a year’s activity in Tate Exchange around ideas and dialogues of production. Through the shared public labour of PRODUCING PRODUCTION, words will be added to the banners by the public over two days to form a lasting record of our collective understanding of production in 2018.

The final 12 banners will go on to be displayed by 12 groups across the UK creating a lasting record of a public understanding of our access and affordances of production and ideas of production.

PRODUCING PRODUCTION: A Place of Shared Labour is initiated by Clare Twomey, the lead artist for the second season of Tate Exchange, exploring the theme of ‘Production’. This two-day project builds upon conversations from FACTORY: The Seen and the Unseen, 28 September – 8 October 2017, which saw Twomey transform Tate Exchange into a factory making everyday objects from clay.

About Clare Twomey

Clare Twomey is an artist based in London whose work often involves intense research, focusing on themes such as collaboration in fabrication. She has an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art and is Reader in the School of Media, Arts and Design at the University of Westminster where she directs Ceramics Research in The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM).

Tate Exchange: Production is supported by Maryam and Edward Eisler, Red Hat Inc., Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Art Fund. FACTORY: the seen and the unseen has received additional support from Dudson, the University of Westminster, the University of Nottingham and the British Ceramic Biennial.

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8 September 2018 at 12.00–18.00

9 September 2018 at 12.00–18.00

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