Tate Modern Workshop

Production Line With City and Islington College

Students at City and Islington College

Join students from City and Islington College making hand-made products inspired by Tate's collection

Come and work with students from the School of Creative Arts, City and Islington College, as we transform Tate Exchange into a factory for designing and making wonderful products.

Our students will be running several production lines making multiples of cool things – such as posters, bags and ornaments. Come and join in making stuff, either by trying one process, or by making a product from start to finish.

This event is programmed by City and Islington College, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About City and Islington college

The City and Islington College is an FE and He college in North London. The School of Creative Arts is where young people with an interest in art and design come to find creative challenges, to extend their skill and to find new opportunities.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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20 March 2018 at 12.00–17.00

21 March 2018 at 12.00–17.00

22 March 2018 at 12.00–17.00

23 March 2018 at 12.00–17.00

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