Tate Modern Workshop

To-ing and fro-ing With Thomas Tallis School

Thomas Tallis School

Explore the kinds of journeys artists make through ideas and re-map Tate Modern

How different do our routes become when we are not merely focused on arriving somewhere? What can we see when there’s time to stop and notice? Is this a luxury we take for granted and rarely use? The works of Tania Bruguera and Christian Marclay might put this in perspective.

Last year, Thomas Tallis School used a variety of contemporary art strategies to re-map Tate Modern, building a huge sensory map and culminating in a thicket of shared experiences that filled the Tate Exchange floor. Working with teams of young people with ASD from four Greenwich schools, they continue their research this year on the themes of navigation, movement and the ‘journey.’ How can we think about traveling safely and independently? How do we feel when we don’t know the destination? How can a focus on the way we move help us deal with anxiety? What kinds of journeys do artists make through ideas? Wander up to Tate Exchang to contribute to these meanderings.

About Thomas Tallis School

Thomas Tallis School is a large, mixed comprehensive in South East London. It has a long tradition of exciting artistic practice and a research focus on creative learning. Tallis students are educated to understand the world so that they can change it for the better.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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19–20 March 2019

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