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Tate Intensive: The Case for Action

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​Tate Intensive 2018 © Tate

A rich and dynamic programme exploring the need for imaginative change within art galleries and museums

Tate Intensive: The Case for Action took place 7–12 July 2019. In a spirit of exchange and collaboration, The programme brought together participants currently working in 22 different countries across six continents: from Brazil, Hungary, India, Japan, France, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, the Netherlands, Argentina, Turkey, Botswana, Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Tajikistan, Canada, and the UK.

The 2019 Tate Intensive programme was shaped around two central activities in relation to art, its audiences, and museums and galleries today. Firstly, participants worked together to generate new possibilities for their respective practices and institutional policies, undertaking the challenging but vital task of imagining alternative futures. Secondly, the group learned, shared and tested the skills and strategies needed to make change, moving from imagination and critique towards action and transformation.

Held in the Tate Exchange space at Tate Modern, the keynotes and workshops were complemented by daily visits to exhibitions and collection displays at Tate Modern, Tate Britain and the Whitechapel Gallery.

Keynote Speakers

  • Gaylene Gould, Head of Cinemas and Events, BFI Southbank, and Cultural Ambassador for London
  • Helen Legg, Director, Tate Liverpool
  • Hew Locke, artist
  • Elvira Dyangani Ose, Director, The Showroom


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7–12 July 2019

The relationships I've been able to cultivate are and will continue to be invaluable. I was able to connect professionally, but also personally (values, ethos). Simply having time and space to reflect on my work, recharge and get out of my own bubble was so needed and rejuvenating. The programme was a reminder to stay engaged globally, and I hope that my work will embody that beyond this experience

Participant at Tate Intensive 2018

I have a renewed sense of energy and purpose having spent a week with such inspiring and motivated people

Participant at Tate Intensive 2018

This programme has given me hope. It has reaffirmed for me my role and chosen path. It has also inspired me to increase the speed of my plans

Participant at Tate Intensive 2018

The network Tate Intensive has given me is totally invaluable. I will cherish it and the conversations that were had for a long time

Participant at Tate Intensive 2018

I am really thankful for this opportunity. To bring together a diverse set of people for a week and encourage such dialogue is powerful

Participant at Tate Intensive 2018

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