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We Apologise For The Delay To Your Journey

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We Apologise For The Delay To Your Journey © Thick/er Black Lines, 2017

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Thick/er Black Lines presents We Apologise For The Delay To Your Journey – a map identifying and connecting Black British women/femme artists and cultural workers. Emerging from conversations with Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter - a collective of Black women, queer, and gender non-conforming artists working in solidarity with the movement for Black lives - that took place amidst the Tate Exchange project Psychic Friends Network with Simone Leigh, the map is a catalyst to make visible past and present networks and practices. Using Lubaina Himid's artwork Moments and Connections as a reference, the map is supported by exchanges in print and conversation that critically question the history of artistic production by Black British women and its present condition.

In addition, the group will be hosting a dedicated co-working space in the Tate Exchange space for the duration of the project, with dedicated desks, outlets and refreshments for freelancers who want to work.

Thick/er Black Lines is an interdisciplinary research-led artist collective applying contemporary art theory, cultural studies and social practices to rewrite histories and to negotiate a way forward. Using print and design their intention is to artistically and intellectually testify to the Black European diaspora. Building upon an outdated framing of Black British art as new needs, professions and technologies emerge.​ Their work has previously shown at Project Row Houses, Texas, Round 46 alongside interventions by Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter.

Initiated by Rianna Jade Parker, Aurella Yussuf, Hudda Khaireh and Kariima Ali

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4 August – 16 September 2017

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