Tate Modern Workshop

Storytelling and Making Workshop with Victoria Semykina

Illustration from The Real Boat

​Join illustrator Victoria Semykina for an afternoon inspired by The Real Boat, a story about a paper boat setting out on a journey to become a real boat

When a paper boat learns that there is such a place as the ocean, he is determined to go there. On his journey he meets all sorts of friends, from the strong little tug boat to the glittering ocean liner. But the paper boat also learns that the real ocean is huge and deep and full of dangers.

Illustrator Victoria Semykina takes participants on a journey of wonder. Watch her recreate illustrations from the book during a storytelling session. The storytelling session will be followed by a ‘Make your own Paper Boat’ activity.

Event suitable for all ages.


Victoria Semykina is a Russian illustrator and fine artist currently based in Bologna, Italy. In between illustrating, she loves observing people, travelling and riding her red bicycle which features a basket that is perfect for collecting materials for her collages and other artwork.

Tate Modern

Terrace Shop

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Date & Time

30 September 2018 at 14.30–15.30

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