Tate Commerce

Our role is to maximise profits and extend the value of the Tate brand, to support Tate’s work and collection

Customers and Tate products in the Shop at Tate Liverpool

Tate Commerce shares Tate’s mission to promote public knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art.

Our vision

We will continue to bring the Tate brand and vision to life through books, products and services, encouraging customers to enjoy spending more money in new and different ways. Customers will see us as exciting, innovative, collaborative and responsive. Meanwhile, our people will work in an environment that is supportive, engaging and challenging – in an organisation that makes a valuable contribution to Tate’s success.

We will make our vision reality by being:

  • Customer focused – prioritising and championing the needs of the customer
  • Open – to new ideas and perspectives; to calculated risk; encouraging exchange and collaboration
  • Interdependent – building on the strength and uniqueness that Tate brings, without losing sight of the benefits of enterprise
  • Global – connecting with the world through products and publications
  • Sustainable – looking to the long term and demonstrating operational responsibility

Our work


The Retail team provide first-rate service to around a million customers a year at the shops in Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives.


The Finance team is responsible for accounts payable and receivable and debtor collection as well as cash handling for the retail sites.


The Operations team is responsible for customer services, the warehousing and distribution of goods, and the Tate Online Shop.


Tate Eats is part of Tate Commerce. Tate has operated its own catering since the 1970s, providing exceptional quality and value. Tate Eats is a not-for-profit organisation. All profits at the end of the year are returned to the gallery in the form of Gift Aid – an income stream that helps us build and share the collection with more people.


We are committed to quality, service and sustainability in the food and drink we serve. We have an active sustainability policy, sourcing the best produce possible and developing strong relationships with regional suppliers. We received a Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming for our use of free-range and cage-free eggs.

Fish for our London sites is sourced and delivered every day from Newlyn, Cornwall, where we work with a team of Cornish fishermen who catch only sustainable British fish. Our vegetables are sourced from recommended farmers to ensure the sustainability of the raw ingredients.

We also work with high profile producers from across the country to deliver the best meats possible. Industry professionals use their unique knowledge to source the finest cheeses from small producers and then store and ripen them.

Our goals are:

  • To operate international-class catering facilities
  • To understand the needs of our customers, and provide a service that not only meets but exceeds their basic expectations
  • To support the arts by operating profitable businesses and in so doing, generating as much income as possible for Tate

To best achieve these goals Tate Eats will:

  • Give the business a clear strategic direction
  • Support, nurture and develop our people at all levels through the life cycle of their employment
  • Provide guidance, advice, and administrative support to enable our people to do their job effectively
  • Implement Tate’s visitor services principles and those of the host organisation

Tate Eats is part of the Investors in People programme

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Tate Catering is part of the Investors in People programme