Prunella Clough

Photograph album


Created by
Prunella Clough 1919–1999
Photograph album
Bound volume - photograph album
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Anne Robin Banks, October 2004.
TGA 200511/4/3/1


This volume consists of a scrapbook into which Clough has pasted photographs, mainly used as source material for artworks. The photographs are of fishing scenes and paraphernalia, power stations and other industrial scenes, and agricultural scenes. Some of the photographs are stuck directly to the page whilst others have been stuck to sheets of paper which have then been attached to the pages of the scrapbook. Many of the photographs and sheets of paper are loose. There is a rough index compiled by Clough for the first 40 pages of the volume.

The volume appears to have been used as a newspaper cuttings book at an earlier date and at the back are several cuttings which have been pasted to the page and partially scraped off to allow the book to be used again. The cuttings mainly relate to Ian Campbell-Gray, a fencer and artist, who may have been a cousin of Clough's.

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