Vanessa Bell, recipient: Duncan Grant

Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant


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Vanessa Bell 1879–1961
Duncan Grant 1885–1978
Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Henrietta Garnett, May 2007.
TGA 20078/1/44/104


Letter from Vanessa Bell, Charleston, East Sussex, to Duncan Grant. Bell intends to travel to London to meet 'Elliot' (?T.S. Eliot). She discusses André Derain and Pablo Picasso, who designed for Ballets Russes productions showing in London, and Ottoline Morrell's proposed party for Picasso; a meeting with fashion designer Elspeth Champcommunal, who intends to buy one of her paintings and discusses the possibility of Bell designing hats for House of Reville; her frustrations with servants; and her reading of Daisy Ashford's 'The young visitors' (1919). Also mentions Angelica and Clive Bell, Mrs Brereton ('La B.'), Nellie Brittain, Henry the dog, Mary Hutchinson, Queen Mary and Princess Mary, Jenny Pratt, William Reville, and Mabel Selwood.

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