Vanessa Bell, recipient: Duncan Grant

Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant


In Tate Britain

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Vanessa Bell 1879–1961
Duncan Grant 1885–1978
Letter from Vanessa Bell to Duncan Grant
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Henrietta Garnett, May 2007.
TGA 20078/1/44/56


Letter from Vanessa Bell, 46 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London, to Duncan Grant, Wissett, Suffolk. The letter centres on talk at a dinner party about conscientious objectors, conscription, and the new Committee on Work of National Importance (Pelham Committee), with particular reference to the government's attempts to compromise with Clifford Allen and his No-Conscription Fellowship. At the same party - hosted by Charles and Dora Sanger - Bell meets writer Saki (Hector Hugh Munro), recently returned from the Western Front. Also mentioned are Tate director Charles Aitken, Lady Cunard, Roger Fry, Constance and David 'Bunny' Garnett, David Lloyd George, Mary Hutchinson, Bell's maid Jessie, James and Oliver Strachey, Will and Alice, and R.C. Trevelyan.

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