Felicia Browne

Letter from Felicia Browne to Elizabeth Watson

12–15 June 1936

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Felicia Browne 1904–1936
Letter from Felicia Browne to Elizabeth Watson
12–15 June 1936
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Purchased by Tate Archive from Jim Sproule, Lin Sproule and Felicia France, November 2010.
TGA 201023/2/5


Addressed from Paris. Regarding Browne's arrival in Paris with her travelling companion Edith Bone. She describes Edith Bone as 'a difficult companion' and talks about the journey to Paris, mentioning Bone's erratic driving. The rest of the letter concerns Browne's stay in Paris. She tells Watson that she is 'hideously bored' and that the Luxembourg, Louvre, and Orangery's des Tuileries are all closed. She tells Watson that this Paris trip is similar to her other trips to cities in Eastern Europe and has resulted in her knowing these places 'with a sort of horrible intimacy' as result of travelling alone. Browne describes the Place d'Eufert Rochereau where she is staying and gives an account of a procession to the Place Bastille where Browne was impressed by the number of women representing anti-fascist and anti-war groups. She talks more about her impressions of Bone, referring her efficiency in fixing the car, and expresses her fears that she [Browne] must be a 'devilish boring companion'. The letter concludes with Browne's sense that 'Something terrific is going to happen in the near future' in Spain.

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