Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

Sketchbook labelled ‘Via Eastern’


Front cover

Created by
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska 1891–1915
259 × 220 mm
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Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, ‘Front cover’ [c.1912–13]
Created by
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska 1891–1915
Sketchbook labelled ‘Via Eastern’
258 × 220 mm
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Purchased 2012
TGA 20127/3


Graphite, ink and watercolour on paper, forty-one leaves plus covers, 258 × 220 mm

This sketchbook is undated but can stylistically be traced to 1912-13. It is comprised of forty-one pages, with both sides of the leaves drawn on. The book was started in one direction and then turned over and started again from the back. The more extensive direction largely contains scenes of people at work or on the streets of London, while the other direction consists of studies of male and female heads.

Page 1, sketch of a large man seen from behind
Page 2, blank
Page 3, profile portrait of an elderly woman
Page 4, blank
Page 5, sketch of two men wearing suits and hats, one with a hand on the other's shoulder
Page 6, blank
Page 7, sketch of three men, two of them facing the third man
Page 8, blank
Page 9, indecipherable sketch
Page 10, blank
Page 11, profile portrait of a man wearing a hat
Page 12, blank
Page 13, sketch of an elderly figure carrying two flower bouquets
Page 14, blank
Page 15, sketch of a woman wearing a hat, looking at a horse
Page 16, blank
Page 17, sketch of three women standing around a coffee machine
Page 18, blank
Page 19, sketch of two men in suits and hats smoking
Page 20, blank
Page 21, sketch of a woman with an apple
Page 22, blank
Page 23, sketch of a seated woman with an infant on her lap
Page 24, blank
Page 25, sketch of a man leading two horses
Page 26, blank
Page 27, sketch of a woman wearing a long dress and a headscarf
Page 28, blank
Page 29, sketch of male and female figures standing in a queue
Page 30, blank
Page 31, sketch of a man smoking a pipe seen from behind
Page 32, blank
Page 33, sketch of three figures, two male and one female
Page 34, blank
Page 35, sketch of a man and woman in a hat with a dog sleeping by her feet
Page 36, blank
Page 37, sketch of a walking figure carrying a long horizontal object
Page 38, blank
Page 39, sketch of a large woman carrying a basket on her head
Page 40, blank
Page 41, sketch of rough outlines of male and female figures
Page 42, blank
Page 43, sketch of a man with a moustache and a cane seen from behind
Page 44, blank
Page 45, sketch of the face of a man with a hat smiling
Page 46, blank
Page 47, unfinished sketch of a man wearing a hat
Page 48, blank
Page 49, unfinished sketch of two figures
Page 50, blank
Page 51, sketch of a woman wearing a hat walking, seen from behind
Page 52, blank
Page 53, rough sketch of a figure riding a galloping horse
Page 54, blank
Page 55, rough sketch of a seated woman
Page 56, blank
Page 57, sketch of three standing women, with one smiling and carrying a book
Page 58, blank
Page 59, sketch of a dog seen from behind
Page 60, blank
Page 61, blank
Page 62, sketch of the head of a small child wearing a hat
Page 67, blank
Page 68, profile sketch of a man's head
Page 69, blank
Page 70, sketch of a child's head
Page 71, blank
Page 72, sketch of a child's head looking slightly downward
Page 73, sketch of a child's head with an exaggerated forehead
Page 74, profile sketch of a man's head
Page 75, blank
Page 76, unfinished sketch of a face
Page 77, sketch of a face, possibly a study for a sculpture
Page 78, blank
Page 79, blank
Page 80, unfinished profile sketch of a man's head
Page 81, blank
Page 82, sketch of a man riding a horse, pulling a cart through a street scene

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