Duncan Grant, recipient: Vanessa Bell

Letter from Bear [Duncan Grant] to Vanessa Bell

[27 September 1923]

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Duncan Grant 1885–1978
Vanessa Bell 1879–1961
Letter from Bear [Duncan Grant] to Vanessa Bell
[27 September 1923]
Addressed from Charleston [Sussex] written on 46 Gordon Square notepaper. Addressed to Vanessa Bell, 46 Gordon Square, London. The letter mentions Bell is spending most of her time with 'the Keynes' [John Maynard and Lydia Lopokova] and that Grant has decided not to send anything to the [London Group] for exhibition. The letter also mentions Clive [Bell] and 'Bunny' [David Garnett]. The reverse of the envelope is inscribed 'P.s. I cannot find Matthew's letter'.
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Purchased at Sotheby's Sale, 21st -22nd July 1980 [Lot numbers 201,204,208,211,223,224,227,228,229,233,239,245,250,261,262,266]. The letters were gathered from different rooms at Charleston Farmhouse (including the attics), by Quentin Bell, son of Vanessa and Clive Bell. They were lodged in the Library of King's College, Cambridge and then transferred to Sotheby 's in 1980 for the auction.
TGA 8010/5/1291

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