Geoffrey Eric Bennett b1939

Autograph book containing drawings and signatures


Front cover

Front cover of autograph book with title, 'Autographs' printed on the bottom right corner.

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L.S. Lowry, ‘Front cover’ [1948]
Autograph book containing drawings and signatures
Mixed media including black and white print, graphite, ink, and watercolour paint on paper
123 × 187 mm
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Donated by Geoffrey Eric Bennett and Rev. G. S. Bennett (father) to Tate Archive in November 1980.
TGA 8019/2


Graphite, ink and watercolour on paper, 30 pages plus covers, 123 × 187 mm

The following page by page description does not include blank pages:
1. Dedication of autograph book to Geoffrey Bennett from Mr and Mrs Beattie and Valerie dated Christmas 1951. Also attached is a typed card detailing the donation of the book and L.S. Lowry's relationship with the donor dated 20 November 1980.
2. Photograph of (left to right) Alice Bennett, Geoffrey Eric Bennett and L.S. Lowry at Cleator Moor 1948. Identified and dated on reverse.
3. Drawing of two Scottish Terriers. Signed 'J.V. Beattie December 1951'.
4. Quote from Thomas Babbington Macaulay and signed 'Mummy'.
6. Watercolour sketch of a street scene signed 'Daddy' and dated 13/5/52.
8. Autograph.
10. Two autographs.
14. Sketch of boats by Lowry signed 'L.S. Lowry 1965'.
16. Sketch of girl with a dog dated 1967 and signed 'L S L'. Probably by Lowry.
18. Sketch of the profile of a man with a beard. Signed 'L S Lowry 1967'.
24. Two autographs.
26. Sketch of three figures and a dog, includes the initials 'LSL' and the inscription, 'The 20th day of September 1965'. Drawn on card and attached to the page.
28. Sketch of a figure walking past railings. Signed 'L S Lowry 1963'.
34. Autograph, 'L. S. Lowry. 7 December 1974'.
36. Autograph, 'L. S. Lowry. 26 June 1975'.
38. Autograph, 'L. S. Lowry. 11 August 1972'. 46. Autographs, 'L. S. Lowry. 21 March 1970' and 'L. S. Lowry 25 June 1970' with sketches of six figures and a dog walking probably by Lowry.
48. Sketch of four figures holding hands and three animals. Signed 'L S Lowry July 1st 1971'.
52. Sketch of figures and dogs in a park or street. Signed 'L S Lowry 21 June 1972'.
54. Autograph, 'Ela Carlisle 13-7-75' with a sketch of an elephant.
56. Sketch of a landscape entitled, 'Knowle Hill, Lancashire'. Signed, 'C[arol] A[nn] Lowry 1971'.
57. Inscription identifying artist of sketch on previous page.
60. Sketch of two figures and three dogs below a sun. Signed 'L S Lowry 10.8.71'.

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