James Boswell

Sketchbook, inscribed inside front cover ‘1940’


Front cover

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
260 × 210 mm
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James Boswell, ‘Front cover’ 1940

In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, inscribed inside front cover ‘1940’
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/13


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 260 × 210 mm

Page 1, group of people outside a pub
Page 2, three studies of a left forearm
Page 3, three studies of bones
Page 4, study of a bone viewed from two different angles
Page 5, studies of skeletal hands
Page 6, two studies of a shoulder blade
Page 7, equations and notes with diagrams
Page 8, notes about X-rays
Page 9, study of a bone
Page 10, skeletal hand with long thumb
Page 11, study of lumbar vertebra viewed from different angles
Page 12, study of pelvic bone
Page 13, studies of pelvic bone viewed from different angles
Page 14, studies of vertebra and a study of machinery
Page 15, study of an incomplete skull
Page 16, diagram of electrical machine
Page 17, study of incomplete skull as page 15
Page 18, list of technical terms relating to anatomy
Page 19, pelvic bone with annotations
Page 20, outline sketch of a bone, possibly tibia
Page 21, study of a light pointing down and study of the head and shoulders of a man
Page 22, four studies of a man with a moustache
Page 23, cartoon of a soldier
Page 24, circus scene with Clown and Ringmaster
Page 25, studies of four people, probably circus performers
Page 26, portrait head and shoulders of a woman
Page 27, study of the same woman as page 26
Page 28, bedroom scene with nude woman and a seated man
Page 29, three street scenes with figures
Page 30, unfinished sketch of railway platform
Pages 31-43, blank
Page 44, list of things to do

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