James Boswell

Sketchbook, inscribed inside front cover ‘Iraq, 1943’


Front cover

There is a label that reads: 'IRAQ 1943'.

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
207 × 132 mm
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James Boswell, ‘Front cover’ 1943

In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, inscribed inside front cover ‘Iraq, 1943’
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/17


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 207 × 132 mm

Page 1, group of soldiers in a mess, with one playing the piano
Page 2, top, figures in a store
Page 2, bottom, soldier wearing a coat
Page 3, soldiers and other travellers waiting at a railway station, with a snack bar
Page 4, soldiers and other travellers waiting at a railway station with a stationer's kiosk
Page 5, low buildings and a tall tower, with trees and felled trunks
Page 6, group of trees
Page 7, landscape with stream and a tree trunk forming a bridge
Page 8, landscape with army buildings
Page 9, interior with counter and kitchen beyond
Page 10, soldiers carrying a tree trunk in a wooded area
Page 11, interior of a canteen with soldiers
Page 12, interior of an army office
Page 13, head and shoulders of two soldiers seen from behind
Page 14, two soldiers carrying a wounded man on a stretcher
Page 15, head and torso of a young man lying on his back in bed
Page 16, view of army huts
Page 17, two studies of an army truck
Page 18, two studies of the head of a man in profile
Page 19, top: Doctor examining a patient
Page 19, bottom: Hand holding a medical instrument or torch
Page 20, large army lorry covered with tarpaulin
Page 21, four men in a bar
Page 22, group of soldiers sitting around a table in an army mess
Page 23, army buildings and shed
Page 24, list of items of clothing
Page 25, soldier in battledress with a large gun,
Page 26, sailors sitting at long tables, inscribed 'Our Mess Deck'
Page 27, study of a soldier down to his waist
Page 28, man, wearing underpants, lying asleep
Page 29, two studies of an Arab tailor
Page 30, young man sitting on the ground
Page 31, view of a built up area on hills, inscribed 'Aden'
Page 32, group of army tents with a lorry and water storage tank
Page 33, interior of canteen, inscribed 'R.C. Canten. Kas'
Page 34, head and chest of a sleeping man
Page 35, road with army tents in the background
Page 36, rail track with huts nearby, inscribed 'Karassin Station'
Page 37, a mud hut village, inscribed 'Karassin'
Page 38, Arab house, inscribed 'Karassin'
Page 39, giant skin carcass of a bull hanging from vertical poles and an officer with a bull's head sitting in a deck chair in the shade of the carcass
Page 40, houses by the side of a rail track
Page 41, entrance to a building
Page 42, small hut and pen
Page 43, two figures on board a ship
Page 44, landscape with boats and a pier in the foreground and mountains in the background, inscribed 'Aden'
Page 45, two profile studies of a man
Page 46, unfinished sketch of a seated figure
Page 47, large tent with open door, inscribed 'Company Office'
Page 48, long building with open air oven, inscribed 'Cookhouse'
Page 49, view of tents and shrubs seen from the back of a lorry
Page 50, three studies of Arabs, inscribed 'Baghdad West Station'
Page 51, studies of Arab men
Page 52, studies of Arabs
Page 53, studies of an Arab man in a long cloak and man carrying a vessel on his head
Page 54, five studies of soldiers
Page 55, landscape with tents, inscribed '17 reinforcement Camp'
Page 56, closer view of two of the tents in Reinforcement Camp 17
Page 57, landscape with scattered tents
Page 58, landscape with man in the forefront seated on a mound
Page 59, top, two seated Arabs
Page 59, bottom, figure bending down
Page 60, landscape with low buildings and two cloaked figures digging
Page 61, studies of men in Arab dress and a running figure
Page 62, standing sheik and two smaller studies of standing figures
Page 63, studies of Arab men wearing long cloaks
Page 64, three Arab men and an Arab woman by a wall, inscribed 'Break for Khana'
Page 65, two Arab women, one standing, one crouching
Page 66, portrait head in Arab head-dress
Page 67, interior of storage tent with food crates
Pages 68-70, blank

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