James Boswell

Sketchbook, with ‘Paris/London/ Eastbourne/Hove 1952’ on label on spine


In Tate Britain
Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, with ‘Paris/London/ Eastbourne/Hove 1952’ on label on spine
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/48


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 260 x 207 mm

Page 1, Boswell's name and address and 1952
Page 2, blank
Page 3, corner of a hotel room, inscribed 'Hotel Beaujolais 11-4-52'
Page 4, seated woman reading in a park, inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens April'
Page 5, interior of a restaurant, inscribed 'Restaurant Le Varin 11-4-52'
Page 6, groups of people in a park inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens 14-4-52'
Page 7, seated people in a park inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens 16-4-52'
Page 8, woman seated in a hotel bedroom, inscribed 'Hotel Beaujolais 11-4-52'
Page 9, woman at the dressing table of a hotel bedroom inscribed 'Hotel de Beaujolais
Page 10, street corner seen from inside a café, inscribed 'Place de la Bourse 12-4-52'
Page 11, children playing with a ball
Page 12, an advertising kiosk and a partial view of the Eiffel Tower, inscribed 'Place de L'Alma 12-4-52'
Page 13, people seated in a park inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens 16-4-52'
Page 14, woman standing in a street, inscribed 'Rue Étienne Marcel 13-4-52'
Page 15, figures in a park including a woman and a child outside a kiosk, inscribed 'Jardin du Luxembourg 13-4-52'
Page 16, nude female statue on a plinth outside a building inscribed 'Palais Royal 14-4-52'
Page 17, two women on a park bench seen from behind inscribed 'Easter Sunday Luxembourg Gardens'
Page 18, people sitting in a café inscribed 'Café de Flore Easter Sunday 1952'
Page 19, head and shoulders of a seated woman wearing a small hat close to a waiter
Page 20, naked woman lying on a bed, seen through open curtains dividing two rooms, dated 13-4-52
Page 21, garden with orchard inscribed 'Grisy Les Plates? Easter Sunday 1952'
Page 22, man seated in a park inscribed 'Tuileries 15-4-52'
Page 23, people in a park inscribed 'Tuileries 17-4-52'
Page 24, 'The Louvre from the Tuileries 17-4-52'
Page 25, tree lined avenue with figures inscribed 'Palais Royal 17-4-52'
Page 26, two people standing in a large square, inscribed 'Place de la Bastille 17-4-52'
Page 27, two studies, one of the frame around a mirror and one of a no entry sign
Page 28, seated figures in a park inscribed 'Parc Monceau 18-4-52'
Page 29, two women on a park bench inscribed 'Parc Monceau 18-4-52'
Page 30, seated figures and children playing with a ball in a park inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens 19-4-52'
Page 31, woman with a pram in a park inscribed 'Luxembourg Gardens 19-4-52'
Page 32, park scene inscribed 'Ile de la cité 19-4-52'
Page 33, interior of a hotel bedroom, inscribed 'Hotel Beaujolais 19-4-52'
Page 34, corner of hotel room inscribed 'Hotel Beaujolais 19-4-52'
Page 35, street scene inscribed 'Quai de Montebello 20-4-52'
Page 36, river scene inscribed 'Blackfriars May'
Page 37, river with barges inscribed 'Westminster May 1 52'
Page 38, 'Westminster Bridge May 1 52'
Page 39, woman buying from a market stall inscribed 'Camden Town May 9'
Page 40, interior of a restaurant inscribed 'Chez [?] May 9'
Page 41, 'Mornington Crescent May 23'
Page 42, study of 'Delancy Street May 23'
Page 43, interior of a room with bookcases
Page 44, 'Parliament Hill Fields May 30'
Page 45, similar scene to page 44
Page 46, 'Westminster Bridge June 1'
Page 47, unfinished study of buildings
Page 48, 'Parliament Square June 1'
Page 49, corner of a garden dated June 1
Page 50, river boat moored to a quay
Page 51, study of bottles
Page 52, interior of a room
Page 53, bridge over a river in the country
Page 54, heads watching fireworks
Page 55, two seated men
Page 56, head of a man
Page 57, structure with turrets and an arched entrance
Page 58, two studies, an unfinished castle and two seated men
Page 59, 'Lena June 2', portrait of a woman
Page 60, street corner with an Undertaker's shop
Page 61, 'Victoria July 18' study of Victoria Railway Station
Page 62, 'Victoria' study of people waiting at Victoria Station
Page 63, 'Eastbourne Jul 18' Study of the beach
Page 64, 'Eastbourne Jul 18' Figures on the beach looking out to sea
Page 65, 'Eastbourne Jul 18' View of corner promontory overlooking the beach
Page 66, man and dog in a park
Page 67, study of objects on a shelf
Page 68, three studies of the same sea shell
Page 69, backyard with tub of plants
Page 70, 'Betty's Peach Tree Jul 30'
Page 71, 'Hove Aug 28,' Crowded beach scene
Page 72, 'Palace pier Brighton Aug 28'
Page 73, 'Hove Aug 28' Beach scene with deck chairs
Page 74, 'Hove Aug 28' Beach scene with pier in the background
Page 75, close up study of a family group on the beach
Page 76, 'Ferdinand St Camden Town'
Inside back cover, study of beach scene on a piece of paper size 184 x 245 mm which has been stuck in

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