James Boswell

Sketchbook, with ‘Roughs for ‘A kid for two farthings 1953’ on the label on the spine


Front cover

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
255 × 203 mm
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James Boswell, ‘Front cover’ 1953

In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, with ‘Roughs for ‘A kid for two farthings 1953’ on the label on the spine
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/51


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 255 × 203 mm

Page 1, two studies of a polar bear
Page 2, group of figures out of doors and two small studies of heads
Page 3, studies of a street market and goats
Page 4, studies of market stalls
Page 5, rectangles
Page 6, notes on the Central Club
Page 7, 'St James's Park', man asleep on the grass
Page 8, beach scene
Page 9, partial view of a house seen from over a fence
Page 10, 'Wentworth St' Market stall
Page 11, two plucked chickens
Page 12, two hand-written signs
Page 13, study of the exterior of the Russian Vapour Baths
Page 14, study of a gate inscribed 'The gate Shafchiks'
Page 15, two studies of a cornice
Page 16, front of a building with Moorish features
Page 17, detail of an architectural feature
Page 18, five portrait studies
Page 19, 'Sclater St May 7', street scene with hat shop
Page 20, detail of building on page 16
Page 21, two studies of a cat
Page 22, cat and kitten
Page 23, seated woman with a dog on her lap and several studies of dogs and cats
Page 24, twelve studies of cats
Page 25, seven studies of cats and one of a mouse
Page 26, empty trestle tables in a street market
Page 27, two studies for the book cover 'A kid for two farthings' by Wolf Mankowitz
Page 28, exterior of Restaurant and Coffee Store
Page 29, window of a food shop
Page 30, two men seated on a bench
Page 31, five studies of standing women
Page 32, 'Manchester Square May 20'
Page 33, woman holding her head in her right hand
Page 34, four studies of a kid
Page 35, four studies of a kid
Page 36, four studies of a kid in different positions
Page 37, three Studies of a kid
Page 38, grazing kid
Page 39, study of a woman seen from behind and two studies of a kid
Page 40, four studies of a kid
Page 41, two kids seen from different angles
Page 42, two kids, one grazing and one standing with its head up

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