James Boswell

Sketchbook, with ‘Paris Bucharest and London 1953’ on the label on the spine


Front cover

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
203 × 118 mm
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James Boswell, ‘Front cover’ 1953

In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, with ‘Paris Bucharest and London 1953’ on the label on the spine
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/55


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 203 × 118 mm

Page 1, blank
Page 2, two unidentified sketches
Page 3, written notes
Page 4, seascape with oyster beds, annotated with suggested colours
Page 5, 'Paris Aug 22 1953', view of the river Seine and bridges
Page 6, study of an arched entrance
Page 7, study of a man wearing hat and coat with a fur collar
Page 8, study of a man wearing a thick jacket and a fur hat holding a small bag
Page 9, group of people in a queue, probably in Bucharest
Page 10, study of a man and an Orthodox priest, probably in Bucharest
Page 11, three studies of military officers
Page 12, study of three standing figures in outdoor clothes
Page 13, two women, a man and a child
Page 14, study of a man and study of a child, probably in Bucharest
Page 15, a man and a woman carrying heavy bags
Page 16, figures standing in a line
Page 17, 'Gipsy girl Bucharest Nov 6'
Page 18, 'Pallas Athenée Bucharest'
Page 19, two studies of two men
Page 20, study of a young woman
Page 21, head of a man and head of a woman
Page 22, 'Pallas Athenée Bar'
Page 23, two military officers
Page 24, 'The Patriarch' study of the Patriarch and a priest talking to a man
Page 25, 'Urals Dancers' five portrait studies
Page 26, portrait studies of two men
Page 27, parade of figures with flags
Page 28, parade similar to page 27
Page 29, scene with a stand for spectators and flagpoles
Page 30, chinese figure
Page 31, 'Pallas Athenée' study of the interior of the bar
Page 32, study of the same bar as on page 31
Page 33, woman shopping at a street barrow
Page 34, rough outlines of steps, small buildings and a female figure
Page 35, outline study of a building and fence
Page 36, 'Haystacks', study of a farm cart
Page 37, structure with trees and a haystack
Page 38, figure standing in a horse-drawn cart
Page 39, structure with pointed roof
Page 40, figure seated on a partially drawn cart
Page 41, two studies of a man wearing a hat
Page 42, house with fence, clothes-line and trees
Page 43, tree lined road with a cart
Page 44, two houses
Page 45, studies of a house, two standing figures and haystacks
Page 46, landscape with haystacks and houses
Page 47, landscape with house and fence
Page 48, structure with four domes in a landscape with fir trees
Page 49, large house with first floor balcony
Page 50, 'Near Ploesti Nov 15', landscape with tree-lined road and buildings
Page 51, structure with sloping roof and a display stand
Page 52, house with pointed roof
Page 53, blank
Page 54, landscape with house, similar to page 52
Page 55, 'Motifs' studies of architectural details
Page 56, same house as on pages 52 and 54
Page 57, unfinished study of roofs
Page 58, studies of heads
Page 59, figures in an outdoor market
Page 60, boy with open umbrella
Page 61, house with trees and fence, inscribed '6 Acacia Rd. Katharine Mansfield home for a time'
Page 62, 'St John's Wood Churchyard'
Page 63, churchyard with tombstones and children's swings
Page 64, roof tops
Page 65, narrow side street with shops and offices
Pages 66-73, blank

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