James Boswell

Sketchbook, with ‘Dieppe, August 1958’ on the spine


Front cover

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
260 × 200 mm
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James Boswell, ‘Front cover’ 1958

In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, with ‘Dieppe, August 1958’ on the spine
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/62


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 260 × 200 mm

Page 1, blank
Page 2, 'Dieppe August 1958' written inside a border
Page 3, figures on a pebbly beach
Page 4, beach at the foot of high cliffs
Page 5, beach with figures, a pier and a lighthouse
Page 6, two heads in a street looking upwards
Page 7, beach with cliffs in the background
Page 8, two seated figures with two small children on a beach
Page 9, seated figures on a beach with a vertical metal structure
Page 10, woman in a long dress sitting on a crate in front of two dead geese lying on a box with their necks hanging down
Page 11, beach with long stretch of cliffs
Page 12, cliffs with rocky beach at the bottom
Page 13, study of a man and two women in national dress
Page 14, caricature of a wrinkled man
Page 15, young woman with her hair in a ponytail seated at a table with a bottle and glass
Page 16, study of an old woman wearing a striped jacket
Page 17, caricature of an unshaven man with thick curly hair
Page 18, seven studies of boys and girls seen from different angles
Page 19, beach scene with figures seated on a low wall
Page 20, figures seated on a beach
Page 21, beach scene with figures in the sea and some standing on the beach
Page 22, figures, mostly standing, on a beach looking at the sea
Page 23, three standing women in bikinis
Page 24, two young women sitting on a beach with their knees drawn up and their arms around their knees
Page 25, deserted beach with pier and lighthouse
Page 26, boy with his hands in his pockets wearing a polo neck sweater
Page 27, caricature of a woman in a bathing costume seated on a beach
Page 28, group of young children playing on a beach
Page 29, man with a beard and a moustache carrying an umbrella
Page 30, seated figures by the sea with cliffs
Page 31, high cliffs with a beach underneath
Page 32, cliffs and rocky beach
Page 33, figures at a horse race
Page 34, six young women in bikinis
Page 35, two standing figures
Page 36, paths among trees with artist's notes (This is on a small piece of paper, 75 x 157 mm, inserted into the sketchbook.)
Page 37, beach with figures (This is on a small piece of paper, 72 x 157 mm, inserted into the sketchbook.)

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