James Boswell

Sketchbook, with ‘Italy’ on the spine

Front cover

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Date not known
251 × 281 mm
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In Tate Britain

Created by
James Boswell 1906–1971
Sketchbook, with ‘Italy’ on the spine
Date not known
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
Presented by Ruth Boswell, the artist's widow in 1982
TGA 8224/71


Ink, crayon, graphite and watercolour on paper, 251 × 281 mm

Page 1, blank
Page 2, front, woman seated under a parasol
Page 2, back and page 3 front, two boats on dry land with a dog lying down between them
Page 3, back, beach scene with parasols and woman seated in a deck chair
Page 4, group of three women bathers with a small girl on a beach
Page 5, partial view of beach seen from the balcony of a house
Page 6, back and page 7 front, large house with porched entrance
Page 8, blank
Page 9, entrance to a pensione
Page 10, back and page 11, front, pensione Franks and beach
Page 12, seated woman with three children by the sea near a wooden pier
Page 13, back, a walled building with a palm tree growing in the garden, seen from the beach
Page 14, woman in a deck chair by a boat
Page 15, back and page 16, front, man and woman on a beach seated in deck chairs with a beached boat
Page 16, notes on internal haemorrhage
Page 17, front and page 18, front, another study of the Pensione Franks, similar to that on pages 10 and 11
Page 19, back and page 20, front, woman in a bathing suit smoking a cigarette on a beach
Page 21, boy in a bathing suit sitting with his arms wrapped around his knees
Page 22, man in a deck chair, reading
Page 23, cat rolled up into a circle
Page 24, three abstract studies
Page 25, beach scene with sunbathers
Page 26, figures on a beach
Page 27, child-like drawing of a house with two trees
Page 28, man, woman and child paddling in the sea
Page 29, figures on a beach, including two studies of the same woman
Page 30, front, beach scene with figures in deck chairs
Page 30, back and page 31, back, beach scene by a road
Page 32, back and page 33, front, landscape with partial view of a beach and two boats by the sea
Page 34, back and page 35, front, similar landscape to pages 32 and 33
Page 36, back and page 37, front, seated figures on the beach by Frank's Pensione
Page 38, man and woman with a speed boat
Page 39, head of a girl wearing a hat
Page 40, group of people in bathing suits
Page 41, head and shoulders of a man wearing a hat and sunglasses and smoking a pipe
Page 42, back and page 43, front, a piazza with a circular bench built around it, street with parked cars and an old woman walking, inscribed 'Porto Azzuro'
Page 44, back, seated man looking at landscape with houses and hills by the sea
Page 45, 'Porto Azzuro' townscape
Page 46, back and page 47, front, figures seated in a piazza, inscribed 'Porto Azzuro'
Page 48, back and page 49, front, a large sail boat on dry land by a road which leads to a house, inscribed 'Porto Azzuro'
Page 50, back and page 51, front, man and two children standing on a pier looking at boats
Page 52, head and torso of a nude young woman, inscribed 'Valeria'
Page 53, back and page 54, front, man repairing a rowing boat
Pages 55-73, blank

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