John Nash

Sketchbook, ‘The Student’s Drawing Book’


Front cover

Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
215 × 275 mm
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John Nash, ‘Front cover’ 1920
Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
Sketchbook, ‘The Student’s Drawing Book’
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
The collection was presented to the Archive by the executors of John Nash in 1989.
TGA 8910/2/1/1


Graphite, crayon and watercolour on paper, 14 pages plus covers, 215 × 275 mm

Page 1: front, landscape of hills and valley with fields
Page 1: back, blank page,
Page 2: front, woman lying on her side on a hillside, inscribed, 'Sereton Downs, Aug 1920'
Page 2: back, studies of two men, one sitting on a stile, one leaning against a post
Page 3: front, woman holding onto a pole with a notice 'Danger'
Page 3: back, head and shoulders of a woman
Page 4: front, study of cliff-tops
Page 4: back, blank page
Page 5: front, study of cliffs with boulders strewn at the base
Page 5: back, seated woman playing the piano
Page 6: front, study of a man's head
Page 6: back, house and garden, inscribed 'Sapperton, 1920'
Page 7: front, blank page
Page 7: back, study of hillside with stone wall and trees
Page 8: front, study of seated man with pipe and hat, sketching; study of the same man's head and outline sketch of crouching man
Page 8: back, study of tree-roots
Page 9: front, tree trunk and roots
Page 9: back, blank page
Page 10: front, studies of heads of two men and a woman
Page 10: back, study of tangerine fruit and leaves
Page 11: front, seated woman in front of bookshelves with a vase of flowers and bird ornaments
Page 11: back, studies of dresses
Page 12: front, study of woman's head and shoulders
Page 12: back, study of man reading, and a standing woman
Page 13: front, study of a woman's head and shoulders
Page 13: back, two studies of a man's head
Page 14: front, studies of two standing women and another woman's head
Page 14: back, manuscript notes about possible houses to rent

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