John Nash



Front cover

Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
202 × 130 mm
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John Nash, ‘Front cover’ 1920s
Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
The collection was presented to the Archive by the executors of John Nash in 1989.
TGA 8910/2/1/2


Graphite and watercolour on paper, 22 pages plus covers, 202 × 130 mm

Page 1: front, outline of hill,
Page 1: back, blank page,
Page 2: front, blank page,
Page 2: back, landscape with notes by John Nash
Page 3: front, blank page,
Page 3: back, very rough outline, possibly waves on a beach
Page 4: front, a climbing plant, with notes by John Nash
Page 4: back, blank page
Page 5: front, blank page
Page 5: back, hillside, marked out with guide-lines for perspective
Page 6: front, notes on dimensions
Page 6: back, sketch of sea with cliff, inscribed 'Compton Bay'
Page 7: front, outline sketch of ? beach scene
Page 7: back, tree-tops
Page 8: front, study of trees in a landscape
Page 8: back, house with outbuildings and yard
Page 9: front, blank page
Page 9: back, seated woman (possibly Barbara Nash) with a cat on her lap
Page 10: front, blank page
Page 10: back, studies of goats
Page 11: blank page
Page 12: front, rough outline of a goat
Page 12: back, blank page
Page 13: front, blank page
Page 13: back, study of cliff inscribed 'Blackgang'
Page 14: blank page
Page 15: front, blank page
Page 15: back, study of hillside
Page 16: front, hillside with fir trees
Page 16: back, blank page
Page 17: front, blank page
Page 17: back, tree trunks
Page 18: front, study of trees
Page 18: back, two outline rectangular borders
Page 19: front, blank page
Page 19: back, landscape with bridge
Page 20: front, outline sketch with perspective guide-lines
Page 20: back, flowers
Page 21: front, blank page
Page 21: back, tree trunk and roots with notes by John Nash for composition of painting
Inside back cover: study of two horses

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