John Nash

Sketchbook with blue-grey cover


Front cover

Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
202 × 130 mm
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John Nash, ‘Front cover’ 1925
Created by
John Nash 1893–1977
Sketchbook with blue-grey cover
Bound volume - sketchbook
Tate Archive
The collection was presented to the Archive by the executors of John Nash in 1989.
TGA 8910/2/1/3


Graphite on paper, 20 pages plus covers,202 × 130 mm

Page 1, front: Arum lilies
Page 1, back: calculations and notes about gallery proofs
Page 2, front: road with factory chimneys
Page 2, back: boats on a beach with derricks
Page 3, front: boatyard with derrick
Page 3, back: outline sketch of section of boat hull? and brick wall
Page 4, front: beach huts
Page 4, back: study of roofs
Page 5, front: industrial buildings by a sea wall
Page 5, back: trees in a wood
Page 6, front: outline of trees
Page 6, back: building with tall chimney
Page 7, front: squared up drawing of buildings
Page 7, back: blank page
Page 8, front: blank page
Page 8, back: cityscape with tower and public benches
Page 9, front: blank page
Page 9, back: industrial landscape
Page 10, front: blank page
Page 10, back: tree by a building
Page 11, front: slight pencil marks
Page 11, back: castle or church building on a mound
Page 12, front: slight pencil marks
Page 12, back: study of a hillside
Page 13, front: blank page
Page 13, back: industrial buildings in a landscape
Page 14, front: trees along a waterfront
Page 14, back: derrick or crane
Page 15, front: rooftop view looking down on trees
Page 15, back: industrial structures by a waterside
Page 16, front: outline of roofs and a wall
Page 16, back: slight pencil outline,
Page 17, front: castle or church among trees
Page 17, back: figure with steam engine
Page 18, front: blank page
Page 18, back: study of a branch of a tree
Page 19, front: blank page
Page 19, back: outline of hillside
Page 20, front: church among trees
Page 20, back: trees on a hillside with notes by JN
Inside back cover: sketch of a tree and an unidentified outline

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