Keith Vaughan

Eight drawings of figures on one sheet


In Tate Britain

Created by
Keith Vaughan 1912–1977
Eight drawings of figures on one sheet
Ink and watercolour paint on paper
267 × 380 mm
Artwork - on paper, unique
Tate Archive
Purchased by the archive from Thos. Agnew and Sons Ltd in November 1990
TGA 9013/1/50


The drawings are:
1.Three abstract circular shapes;
2.Male nude with elongated right arm standing in front of an abstract painting;
3.Male nude with intestines exposed and shapes to represent various parts of the body;
4.Full figure standing male nude with shading;
5.Full figure standing male nude with; particular attention to skeletal ribs and exposed intestines;
6.Small drawing of a standing male nude. Mimics drawing number 5;
7.Full male nude with an arm missing. Line shading of spine and ribs;;
8.Two small standing male nudes, one shaded in lines the other shaded in blocks.
The last two drawings have been pasted onto the larger sheet from a separate piece of paper. Inscribed on the back 'BDI2'.

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