Marie Seton, recipient: Ronald Moody

Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald Moody, addressed from Chicago

18 December 1946

Created by
Marie Seton 1910–1985
Ronald Moody 1900–1984
Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald Moody, addressed from Chicago
18 December 1946
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Cynthia Moody, the sculptor's niece, 1995.
TGA 956/1/2/58/5


This letter mainly regards arrangements for Marie Seton's visit to England. Seton mentions her friend, Marjorie Pilley's, sighting of Ronald and Helene and gives them the sailing date of the Queen Elizabeth. Seton promises to bring one of Moody's figures ['Annie'] to England and gives a description of Mary Beattie Brady [the Assistant Director of the Harmon Foundation, New York] as 'an erratic female'. Seton informs Moody that 'Wohin' and a small head ['Une Tete'] are with her and that there is a bad split in 'Wohin'.

In addition Seton discusses American policy and her personal reactions to changes around her. She also describes her relationship with Donald [Hesson, her then husband] and American attitudes to relationships and marriage. She expresses her preference for working in Europe but worries that Donald will not be able to find a job there. Seton mentions her work with the Chicago Sun and the possibility of finding a paper which will employ her in Europe.

A p.s. at the end of the letter informs Moody that Marie and Donald are up to date with news from England through letters and visitors. The p.s. also refers to news about Miles Malleson and his new wife Tania and to Moody's dislike of black Americans.

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