Marie Seton, recipients: Ronald Moody, Helene Moody

Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald and Helene Moody, adrressed from Chicago

16 April 1948

Created by
Marie Seton 1910–1985
Ronald Moody 1900–1984
Helene Moody 1902–1978
Letter from Marie Seton to Ronald and Helene Moody, adrressed from Chicago
16 April 1948
Document - correspondence
Tate Archive
Presented to Tate Archive by Cynthia Moody, the sculptor's niece, 1995.
TGA 956/1/2/58/7


This is regarding Marie Seton's hope that one of her articles on Moody will be published by Bryan Holme in 'The Studio. Seton also describes her reaction to Gandhi's death and her fears for the future. There is a reference to resistance to 'manufactured war psychosis' and a growing pacifist movement, possibly in America.

Additionally Seton provides a lengthy description of Henry Wallace [the presidential nominee for the Progressive Party], his aims, politics and the Henry Wallace presidential election campaign. She mentions Paul Robeson's work with the Wallace campaign and makes some general comments on world politics and American attitudes. She contrasts these American attitudes with Donald's [Hesson, her then husband] more developed views and comments on his abilities as a speaker, particularly on European maters.

Seton refers to the uncertainty of their summer visit to Europe but mentions that if it does go ahead, there is the possibility of her and Donald acting as observers for Henry Wallace, in conjunction with Paul Robeson, to provide accurate information about post-war Europe.

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